“Recently Cliff Wallace, Great Park Deputy CEO received a letter from the Department of the Navy that I would like to share with you. Mr. Megliola specifically mentioned your team in his letter, and I would like to pass on his words of gratitude.
I would also like to ad my sincere thanks for your continued dedication and efforts on behalf of the Great Park. You clearly understand the complexities of the project and conduct business in a way that is sensitive and responsive to the unique needs of the Park.”

Michael D. Ellzey
Chief Executive Officer, Orange County Great Park

“Thank you for all your flexibility with our random requests, all your hard work, and overall just being a wonderful group to work with.”

Orange County Great Park Operations Team

“As always your guys are such a tremendous help before, during and after the event… I ‘m glad we all work so well together. Thanks for all B.C. does… your guys are a class act.”

Lyn Lacanieta,
Ambassador Coordinator, Orange county Great Park

“Thank you for recent gift of 3,000 pieces of candy to the Orange County Great Park Corporation. The support of organizations like Burton Company makes it possible for us to fulfill our mission and bring world-class programs, events and amenities to the Orange County Great Park.”

Tim Shaw
Manager of External Affairs